I was extremely pleased and impressed with the service I received on my computer at Integrilogic.  I had had another IT company work on that computer when it was found to have a root kit.  They had it two days but it never worked properly despite their extensive efforts.  Integrilogic had my computer for half a day and it worked great until the new computer I had ordered was delivered.  I still use it as a backup machine, though I could use it as a primary if I wanted to.  Thank you and your staff for all your support.  I can’t be without my primary computer in my law practice.  Your service was timely and very well done.  Thanks again.

John M. - Attorney at Law

I was so happy with how quickly We Heart Computers got my computer back up and running after I was hit with a virus. It was quick, easy and I’ve been problem-free ever since!

Melissa W. - McFadden Gavender Advertising